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Peter was a good boy but one day he got into a trouble. He was coming late to home and couldn,t see his father standing near the door because of complete darkness that night. He was returning from a party that was still on till midnight. He had promised his father to be back 10 o’clock but he did not fulfil it. Now Peter had no option to save himself from the thrashing that he would get from his father. He saw his father and just knell his head and movid ahead. “Peter! Why are you so late? You had promised me to back by ten. It is nearly One o’clock,”said his father.

Now Peter did not have any words to give an answer to his father who was a disciplinarian. He wanted his children to value and honour their own words and commitments. Peter knew he had committed a mistake.

He said, “Dad… Dad… we left the party on time, but unfortunately Sam met with an accident on the way. And so we had to take him to the hospital. That’s the reason I’m late. “Peter lied in front of his father.

“Oh my God! why didn’t you give me a call that verry moment? Anyways, how is Sam now?

Tomorrow morning I will go and meet him, “said his father who really trusted his son’s words.

“Oh…No…No…Dad. Sam is now at home. He is fine. He is not at all serious. He just had some minor injuries. Now he is perfectly alright,” said Peter to assure that his father doesn’t go to meet Sam.

He thought, “I have to call Sam early morning about all this.”

“But how did the accident happen?” father enquired further.

Peter rushed to his room saying that he was very tired and wanted to rest.

Next day, early morning, Peter’s father went to Sam’s house to enquire about his health. He was really worried about the boy.

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When he saw Sam,fit and fine, he got to know about the false words of his son. His heart was full of sorrow because of the deceitful behaviour of his son.

He went back home and sat on his rocking chair sadly. When Peter did not see his father on the breakfast table, he knew that something was wrong. He went straight to his father’s room.

Dad was sitting on his rocking chair and looking intently at the roof of the room. He was shattered inside. Peter quietly went close to him and said, “Dad, I’m really very sorry. I did not know that you”ll feel so bad.”

His father looked at him and said, “I am not feeling bad, Peter. I am hurt within. Now, I am worried about our future relationship. If you can lie to me in such an insignificant matter, howcan i repose any trust in you regarding other important matters of life. you might be honest to me, but how will i clear my suspicions about you. You have shattered the wall of confidence that i had built.”

Saying so, father went out of the room.