The Man Who Fought Windmills | Story In English


Many, many year ago, a story was written about a man in Spain who lived in a castle. He wanted to be a hero and help people who were in danger. This man wanted to be a knight and ride around dressed in a suit of armour; but there weren’t  any knights any more. The world had changed and nobody wore shiny armour any more, nor did anyone have magical adventures in strange, faraway lands.

Still, this did not stop Don Quixote. He decided to dress up in his great-grandfather’s rusty armour and go off in search of adventure. He didn’t care what other people thought of his ideas.

One day, when Don Quixote was in his armour and mounted on his bony old horse named Rocinante, even his squire Sancho Panza laughed until his sides hurt. However, Don Quixote didn’t care; such was his confidence!

‘Do you want me to make you the ruler of some distant land, Sancho?’ asked the knight.

Sancho stopped laughing. ‘Yes, yes,’ he cried.

‘Well, get on your donkey and come with me,’ said Don Quixote. ‘We’ll have some wonderful adventures together.’


After many days of riding, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza come to a large field.

‘Look at the giants!’ cried the knight.

‘What giants?’ ask Sancho.

‘Over there see, those gigantic outstretched arms!

‘Where? I don’t see any giants,’ said Sancho.’All I see are windmills.’

‘There, Sancho! Look there!’ Don Quixote was pointing at the windmills, his eyes round with excitement. His head was so full of magic and adventures that he thought the windmills were giants.

‘I Don’t see any giants!’ Sancho said firmly,hoping to change the mind of his fanciful friend.

‘you are stupid,’said Don Quixote. ‘They are giants and I am going to fight them.’

Before Sancho could utter another word, Don Quixote charged forward on his horse,

lowering his lance. just as he came to the first windmill, the wind began to blow, and the great arms of the mill creaked slowly around.


‘Watch out, Don Quixote’ yelled Sancho ; but it was too late.His lance stuck into one of the windmill’s blades, and he was swept up, off his horse and high into the air .He fell with a loud clang to the ground,and his helmet turned the other way on his head.

‘Didn’t I tell you they were windmills? said Sancho as he ran over to help his friend get on his feet.

‘They were changed into windmills by magic,’ said Don Quixote. ‘They are really giants.’

‘Then, Don Quixote had an idea.’Quick, Sancho! Get me my saddlebag; my magic bowl is in it. I’ll show these giants these can’t fool me.’

Visiting France

Sancho rushed over to Rocinante and got the saddlebag. He took out the bowl, filled as it was with curd. Perhaps Don Quixote had added a magic potion to the curd, he thought!

Give me the bowl,’ said the brave knight. ‘I’ll wear it on my head and turn these windmills back into giants.’

‘But the bowl’s full of-‘

Too let. Don Quixote had already put the bowl on his head. The curd began to drip all over his face.

‘Help! Sancho, help! My brain is melting! Sancho, my brain is melting! Those wicked giants have cast a spell on me!’

‘Oh, Don Quixote!’ Sancho couldn’t stop laughing. ‘let’s go home. We’ll come another day when the wind is not blowing and get those giants,’ he said finally.

‘All right. We’ll go, but just till I can get my brain fixed. I’m not giving up! I am a knight and someday I WILL be a hero!’