One Good Turn Deserves Another | Story In English


Once upon a time, there was a very poor boy. He used to sell things door to door to pay for his education.

One day he felt very hungry while he was selling things. He put his hand in his pocket and found a ten rupee note only. He know he wouldn’t have to ask for some food at the next house that he comes to.

A beautiful young lady opened the door. The boy asked for a glass of water. The woman could easily read from the boy’s face that he was hungry. So she brought him a glass of milk. He drank it and said, “How much do I owe you?”

“You do not owe me anything at all, “she replied. “My mother taught me never to accept anything for doing someone an act of kindness.”

The boy said, “Oh, that’s a great thought. Thanks a lot for this glass of milk.”

Now he felt somewhat physically better and stronger. He left the house and sensed the return of his faith in Lord whom he has nearly abandoned. Many years later, the same woman, who had now grown old, fell very ill. The doctors who were treating her were not able to help her out. So they sent her to the big city where they know that the specialists would be able to diagnose her rare sickness.

Doctor Amit Ahuja was called to treat her. When he heard the name of  the city to which the old lady belonged, he remembered of his past. He got up immediately and went back to his consultation room and made up his mind to do the best to save her life.

From that day onwards, he paid special attention to her sickness and treatment. It took several months to cure the sick lady. It was the effort of Dr. Amit Ahuja and all the other staff members who took utmost care of the lady and cured her. Finally, Dr. Amit Ahuja left instructions for the staff that the bill of the treatment of this old lady should be sent to him. He looked it over, wrote something on it and sent it to her room.

Truthfulness Full Story

The lady thought that when she would open the envelope, she would find an invoice that would take rest of her life to pay in full. But she was amazed, “Paid in full…with a glass of milk…Dr. Amit Ahuja.”

Tears of joy rolled from her eyes. She remembered the incident of the poor boy who came to her house many years back. She was surprised to see how a little act of kindness transformed into a great blessing for her!