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Once upon a time, there was a great priest. Many people visited him from far away places. One day, a lady went to meet him and asked him, “Is life tough?”

The priest replied, “Yes, it its tough. But if you do the right thing, the end will be better than the beginning.”

Keeping these words in the mind, she returned home. She tried to do all her duties in the best manner she could. As days passed by, she saw her children growing joyfully.

She, then, thought to herself, “Nothing could be better than seeing my son grow up to be a good young men with principles and values,”

One night, it was raining heavily. The children was afraid to darkness. They ran towards their mother and stood closer to her. They said, ‘Mother, as long as you are with us, we are not afraid of anything. ”

The mother thought, “My children are afraid, nothing could be better than seeing my children to be courageous in their life. ”

On the next day, the mother took them to the top of a hill. On the way, the children were tired. Mother saw it and said, “My children, we will soon reach the top of the hill. It just needs a little more courage,effort and patience.

Soon they reached the top of the hill and said, “We could not have done this without your help. ” The mother thought, “Nothing could be better than this day because my children learnt how to face difficulties.”

A Visiting to the Taj 

After some days, there was a huge storm. It was getting dark also, so the mother  called them inside the house. She told them that the storm can be very powerful and fearful.

Many years passed. Now she was very old and weak. Her sons had become tall and strong.They proved themselves to be good, youngmen and followed the right path that was shown by their mother. Now it was her last time when she called her sons and said, “My children, now i have to leave this world. I am proud of you because you can walk alone without me.  Today, I clearly understand what that priest meant by saying, “The end is better than the beginning.”

Her sons replied, “Mother, you will always stay alive in our hearts, in our path, that we follow. She happily died, having such words.

This was the great mother who lead her children to the light path.